Classic pens CP4 Legacy Washington and Richmond.
The fourth limited edition in the Classic Pens CP series is the CP4 Civil War Pens Washington and Richmond. It was a cooperation between Classic Pens, Sheaffer and Murelli. The series was launched in 1997 and remembers the American Civil War 1861-1865.

The CP4 Civil War pens Washington and Richmond were planned as a limited edition of 1865 sets, the year the Civil War ended. In view of Bic taking over Sheaffer just prior to the launch of the series, an agreement was reached by Classic Pens and Sheaffer to produce just 500 sets worldwide. The CP4 pens are therefore more exclusive.

The CP4 has a wide cap band that is laser engraved with the CP4 and Lambrou & Brown logos, as well as the edition number.
A circular engraving machine dating from 1928 was reactivated from the museum of Murelli and was used exclusively to produce the patterns of the CP4 pens. The Richmond as a flowing moiré pattern, while the Washington's diamond pattern is called "vague".
The Legacy bold design and chiseled end is complemented by the famous clip and White Dot.The inlaid nib designed for writing excellence gives a firm yet flexible response.The CP4 Legacy fountain pens use the famous Touchdown filling mechanism. Developed and introduced by Sheaffer in 1949, this filling system employs a pneumatically filled ink sac. The filling device empties, cleans and refills the pen in a single downstroke of the plunger. To suit modern taste, the Legacy fountain pen can also be refilled with cartridges.
Certificate of quality from Sheaffer and Classic Pens accompanies each CP4 pen.